managed wordpress hosting for small businesses

Taking care of your small business website

why host with us?

Because we care

This is the last time you will ever have to worry about hosting your small business WordPress website. We coddle your site like helicopter parents. We watch it, protect it, keep it clean and looking it’s best.

Because we care. We care about you. We care about your company’s success. We know your website is vital.



The mother ship is watching your site 24/7. We comb through your site periodically, test your forms, keep your plugins updated, and more. Everything WordPress needs, we do it for you.


Your site is backed up every day. It’s secured from hackers and includes spam prevention. It’s scanned regularly for malware, which we never find, because we keep your WordPress website secure in the first place, remember?


Quick question? Need a new user added? No problem, we are WordPress experts ready to help. No question is too small. That’s what we’re here for, for you.

get back to business

No more 1-800 tech support nightmares

Send a quick email or chat with us live then get back to your business.

  • No 1-800 #s.
  • No sitting in hold queues.
  • No going from “level 1 support” to “level 2 support” to “level 18 support” to get your request handled.
  • No mysterious issues that are never explained.
  • NO wasting your time.

You focus on growing your business, we got your WordPress website covered.

real humans who get YOU ready to help

Hosting designed for small business

Small businesses have unique hosting and website support needs. You may not have a dedicated marketing contact. Maybe it’s just you out there. You don’t know tech jargon. You just know your website needs to be up and running, 24/7, without you having to check it constantly. That’s why we check it for you. Real humans reviewing your website. Testing your forms. Keeping tabs on your business’s lifeline.

managed hosting features

Everything your WordPress website needs

Hosting that makes growing your business easy.


As needed, staging websites are available for you anytime! Same-day setup, same-day staging to live.

FREE Migration!

Email us, live chat with us, then get back to business. No hold queues. No 1-800 #s.

Daily Backups

Publish a new blog post? Add new content? Not to worry, we back up your website every single day.

Easy-to-talk-to Support

Email us, live chat with us, then get back to business. No hold queues. No 1-800 #s.


We setup and maintain your SSL certificate via Let’s Encrypt. If there is a problem with your SSL, we fix it.

Blazing-fast CDN

Make your site even FASTER with image and asset CDN.

Object Cache

Speeds up your website by better managing website traffic. 

Custom Server Location

For the fastest website, we choose a server geographically located close to your customer base. 8 locations in the US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, India, & Singapore.

Impress your clients with an impressive website.

Impress your IT guy, too.


The server will restart and/or re-build server resources as needed to keep everything running smoothly automatically.

IPV6 Support

Staying ahead of technology, we offer IPV6 support and will configure as needed.

Dedicated IP

Unlike those other guys, ONLY our websites go on our IP address. We keep the reins tight on who we allow in, and only Jollity clients get on our server IP. 

Hack Protection

Protect your site against hackers and bots with numerous, ever-changing tactics that keep your site a step ahead.


Lead form testing

Never lose leads from your forms breaking again. We routinely test every contact, email sign-up, and lead generation form.


Routine site checks

Real people routinely browse through your website to make sure all is well. If something looks wonky, we can fix it.

Site-wide updates

Plugins, themes, and WordPress kept up-to-date to keep your site running smoothly and secure.


Site monitoring 24/7

Hit a wrong button? Site go down? We already know, and we’re taking care of it. We monitor your site 24/7.

Peace of mind knowing we have everything covered.

Transparency and insights show how your site is performing.

Site Activity Reports

How do you truly know your site is taken care of? We show you in an easy-to-digest report.


Blacklist Monitor

If Google detects malware on this site it will be added to it’s blacklist. We check it to keep you SEO-friendly.

Security Scans

We run regular code checks to look for vulnerable, harmful, and malicious code across your entire website.

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