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We get your industry

Construction, residential development, commercial development and renovation companies, and more have unique needs. You’re too busy to figure out how to build a website. You’re too busy to even manage a website developer. That’s why we take it one step further. Jollity stands apart as a website development team run by experienced developers who understand marketing and SEO. We know how to set up your site, what pages and content you need, and how to optimize it for Google.

Keep you organized

You’re not in an office all day. You’re on the job, going from one job site to the next. Your phone is how you keep in touch with your contractors, GCs, and in-house team. We get that. We do the organizing and make approvals easy to do via phone, text, and mobile-friendly emails.
Jollity understands your busy schedule, how many people and projects you track in a day, and we keep your website organized for you. We find ways to get stuff done when you’re too busy to get back to us.


We will take care of your website for you. We keep it secure, updated and can help you with questions and changes over time.


Your customers will be able to find your website, browse through it, click for directions, and even fill out your contact form or complete a purchase all from their smartphones.


Optimized for search

90% of your customers look for you on Google. If you aren’t there, you’re missing 9 out of every 10 opportunities.


See how many visitors your website gets, how long they stay, and how many fill out your contact form or call you.

Make changes

Make content changes, publish blog posts, add and change images, swap employee bios, all without knowing a line of code!

Owned by you

YOU own your new site. You are not “renting” it from us, and we do not hold it hostage. You get the same access to it as we have.

Put your website

to work for you.

Save time and make
more money
by automating customer service and marketing.
News Articles Feed
IDX Real Estate Listings Integration
Client Portal for Your Clients
Auto-Updating Blog Feed
Auto-send leads to SalesForce or Your Favorite CRM
Downloadable PDFs & Files
Surveys & Forms
SSL (https)
Customer File Upload Forms
Customizable Email Forms
Video & Image Backgrounds
Embedded Videos
Review Promotion email Program & News Feed
Visitor Tracking
Customized Email & Lead Prompt Pop-Ups
Event Scheduling
Product Checkout & Payment
Advertising Tracking
Yelp Reviews Feed
Auto send blog posts to your email database

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Over 10 years of WordPress website development and management.

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