Hannah Joins The Jollity Team

February 24, 2023

Jollity is thrilled – in an over-the-moon sort of way – to officially announce Hannah Novak as our newest member of the J-squad! From our team in-house to our clients across the world, Hannah uplifts everyone with her bright, contagious smile and positive working attitude.

Hannah’s Background

Hannah has that rare quality of doing everything, with quality ! She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science from Kent State University.

Prior to entering the fold of like-minded specialists at Jollity, Hannah made a huge shift in her career focus and began exploring the world of websites and marketing. She found herself as the head videographer and lead graphic designer within a marketing agency, helping prepare and qualify her to then be added to our team!

In fact, Hannah’s talent aligned so well Jollity, that she found her way into our ranks by a direct referral from her former employer, after he, in a similar fashion, joined the Jollity team! Since then, Hannah has become an integral part of our ability to hit the bullseye for clients!

Hannah’s Role With Jollity

With an introduction like that, you’re probably expecting Hannah’s title at Jollity to be “Magician,” right? Well, that's what we call her anyway, but Hannah is formally known as Jollity’s Administrative Specialist… which just is another way of saying, “There’s nothing she’s not great at, so we’ll gladly enjoy her support on everything!”

Hannah is mostly responsible for Invoicing, client communication, and internal system organization, but she has also recently began revamping our marketing department! From Jollity's social media to our monthly newsletter, Hannah has taken the bull by the horns and plans to implement new marketing strategies!

Life Outside of Work

Hannah and her husband, Anthony, consider themselves avid "foodies" and enjoy traveling and trying new food. If given the chance, they would become youtubers and document their journey eating food around the world! They even started an instagram page dedicated to posting all of the amazing food they've had (pictured below).

Wherever animals are, you'll be sure to find Hannah!

It's easy to see that Hannah has quickly, and repeatedly, established herself as a marvelous member here, leaving us scratching our heads in confusion about how we EVER managed without her.

Welcome Hannah, we’re so happy you’re here!

Lauren L Perfors CEO & Co-Founder

Energetic and passionate small business expert who helps businesses overcome pressing digital challenges through innovative website solutions that are scaled, precise, and custom designed.
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