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Jake Joins the Jollity Team

I am so excited to introduce Jacob "Jake" Edlund! Jake has joined the Jollity team as our new Hosting & Support Project Manager....
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What to Look for in a Web Design Agency

What should you look for when hiring a web design and development agency? Well, I could hire a copywriter to write this post,...
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Do you need a Cookie Policy?

Recently, when you visit a website, do you see pop-ups at the bottom of your phone or desktop talking about cookies? Have you...
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Building Your New Website with Jollity

You have just signed on with Jollity to build your brand new custom website. Now what? Well you don’t need to worry about...
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3 Important Rules for Managing Your WordPress Website

Hosting clients: we just made your WordPress dashboard neat, clean and helpful We have customized the backend WordPress dashboard to include some helpful...
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Erin Joins the Jollity Team

I am so excited to introduce Erin Merritt! Erin Merritt has joined the Jollity team as our new Hosting & Support Program Manager....
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Paige Joins the Jollity Team

We love seeing our family grow! Recently, Paige Milenkoff has joined the Jollity team as a Project Manager.
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How to Clear Your Cache in Chrome

Tech support tell you to clear your browser cache? Here's how. It takes less than 5 seconds once you know how! While it...
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Holiday Hours & End of Year Updates

See our holiday hours, closure days, and what happens if there is a website emergency over the holidays.
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How Our WordPress Hosting got 10x Better in 2020

We launched a completely re-vamped hosting program in January of 2020. Here's what our clients seem to like most!
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Email Authentication & what you need to know about DMARC, DKIM & SPF

Emails not going through? It is likely because Yahoo, AOL, Google Apps, and Microsoft Exchange are BLOCKING your emails due to a lack...
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Image licensing guide: Can you use that image?

It’s important to be aware of your responsibilities when pulling images from online for use in blogs and ads. These tips will help...
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Image Optimization for Websites

Here are some suggestions for keeping images sized appropriately for the website before uploading:
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How & Where to Communicate Your COVID19 Business Closures & Changes

Here's how and where to communicate your business's COVID19 response, whether it be changed hours, closure, or a move to online-only support, to...
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