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By Lauren Lawton Perfors

By Lauren Lawton Perfors

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Small business WordPress developer with 10+ years experience in digital marketing, specializing in SEO.

0 to 100 in 7 Facebook Likes in 7 Days: Want to Know How I Did It? Read on.

The Jollity Marketing Facebook page reached 100 likes in the company’s first 7 days. If you have 10,000 likes already, 100 is a shoulder shrug. If you’re like us, and you were at 0, you pat yourself on the back. The images below are from Jollity’s original business name back in the day, Lawton Digital. Here are 7 things I did to collect my first 100:

1. Setup a Nice-Looking Profile

Your Facebook a branded profile image, header photo, fully-filled out about section and business description. You can NOT say “I’ll get to this later.” If your profile is not built out to the max, I recommend holding off on your launch until you can get it there.FB Profile filled out

2. Make a Big Splash With Your Facebook Page Launch

Your launch is a BIG DEAL, so do not down-play it! Your launch promotions should be enthusiastic and excited, using lots of exclamation points and all-caps, like a Wiley Coyote cartoon (did I just date myself?) cloud!Facebook Busines Page Excited Post

3. Leverage Personal Facebook Connections

Facebook Business Page Likes
Yes, you need to “use” your friends and family to help your page get off the ground. There is no harm or shame in taking advantage of your personal connections, they are your BEST source of referral business! When you launch your page, post the announcement to your personal Facebook profile. Also use the “invite” feature and select EVERY SINGLE FB friend you have! These will be your easiest first few “Likes”. My Facebook network is fairly small due to my history of paranoia… I only “friend” people I actually talk to or spend time with. If your network is larger than mine, you will get to 100 faster than I did if you take advantage of it!

4. Don’t Limit Yourself to Facebook… to Market Facebook…

Yes, I am serious. If your business is launching, send a launch email to all of your entire email address book (censor your contact list before sending though!), include a link to the Facebook page and ASK people to “like” your page. Asking people is important. As a marketer, you know that it is important that people hit that magic little “Like” button, but other people don’t know that. You need to direct them to how they can help support you, and most of the time, they are happy to help!

5. Fork Over Some Cash for Facebook Promoted Posts

Again, if you can not afford to invest the money to promote your posts, I would suggest not launching a Facebook page. It’s pointless without putting a little cash in to it. However, before you march off in a huff grumbling about more money going in to your marketing, check out the budget. I spent an average of $5-$15 per promoted post to reach over 1,000 impressions each time. It’s not a lot of money, and it’s well-worth the investment. So far, I have spent about $13 promoting 2 posts. I promoted one by “Boosting” a business page post and another through “Promoting” a post directly from my personal FB profile ($6.99). Take advantage of both!

6. Fork Over MORE Cash for Facebook “Like” Ads

I’ll spare you repeating the mantra laced through this post of needing to spend some cash to do things right :-), but yes, this is another one that is necessary and also requires a small amount of marketing dollars. Set up ads that appear in the right-hand column that describe your business and request a CTA. For example, “Like this page if you support a local Colorado start-up!”. We could easily write a series of posts on effective FB ad usage. In my first 7 days I ran 2 ad campaigns for “Like” growth and spent about $50. Not bad.

7. Reshare & Like Your Business Facebook Posts through Your Personal Profile

Many of your existing connections have not yet connected with your page, remember? So, to reach them, like and share your business page posts through your personal FB profile. Nobody likes to be first, so you should Be the first to like every one of your business page posts!
Now that you have a solid fan base from the tips above, do not forget to engage with them through exciting, fun posts that encourage natural post likes, comments and shares.
Need more specific instructions or help for how to do these steps? You know where this is going, right, here is my CTA! Reach out and email or call me at 720.515.7547 today, and I’m happy to help! Also, feel free to ask questions or add your own tips for a successful Facebook page launch in the comments below.