Lawton Digital is now Jollity!

May 4, 2019

Lawton Digital is now Jollity! Why? Do you really want to listen to a long explanation as to why we changed our brand? Okkkk, if you are THAT intrigued...

Lawton is a family name. I come from a family of business owners. I grew up watching my parents grow their real estate agency and listening to stories of my grandparents' businesses in their heyday.

My family has used their names to start their small businesses for generations. My parents ran a successful real estate brokerage, Lawton Realty, Inc, in Baltimore, Maryland for 20 years. Then a property management company, Lawton Property Management, same story. I remember running around that office, flying paper airplanes into window blinds, pestering the poor realtors trying to make a living until my Dad finally introduced me to DOS commands on the computer. I was mesmerized, and his staff could focus again.

My Mom's parents started a car paint company, Nyquist Inc (Mom's maiden name), which today has at least 6 branches all over Maryland. It's been around since the 1950s and just keeps growing. My handsome Granddad, white-haired at 30, also modeled on the side. Cool, right?

My Dad's parents started a beauty salon that at one point grew to 3 Baltimore locations. My grandmother cut hair, including mine, into her mid-80s. At 85, my grandmother drove around Baltimore picking up clients 10 years her junior, brought them to the salon, cut their hair, and drove them home. Awesome, right? Dang, I miss her!

Growing up, I wasn't really exposed to corporate employment. The adults in my life all owned their businesses! Maybe that explains why I was not so good at being an employee (any excuse to not blame myself ofcourse). Ok, let's be real, I royally sucked at being a cog. For a few years I tried to change but as the 4-hour Work Week states,

“The choice is between multiplication of results using strengths or incremental improvement fixing weaknesses that will, at best, become mediocre. Focus on better use of your best weapons instead of constant repair.”
― Timothy Ferriss, The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich

Thank goodness there is a book with cool quotes to justify my weaknesses.

Oh, wasn't this about changing to Jollity? Right! I was proud to continue the legacy of business ownership under Lawton Digital, but eventually, the name's limitations came to light.

Jollity is about helping clients make money. It is about innovation. It is about finding newer, better, more efficient ways to produce high-quality marketing websites, host them, and support them. Most importantly, Jollity is about making clients happy, and in turn making Jollity a happy, fun company to work at. We like to make a difference, which is why we continue to focus on small business.

Jollity is about making clients happy, and in turn making Jollity a happy, fun company to work at. We like making a difference, which is why we continue to focus on small business.

Jollity, according to the wise ol' Google, means "lively and cheerful activity or celebration" as well as "the quality of being cheerful." Happiness and cheer are incredibly important parts of our growing business. We are a group of happy, cheerful developers and consultants. We want to be a joy to work with, and we get up every day with the goal of giving others a positive experience interacting with us. Life is a celebration, and we enjoy every minute of it!

Lauren L Perfors President

Small business WordPress web developer with over 10 years digital marketing experience, specializing in SEO.
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