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Jake Joins the Jollity Team

I am so excited to introduce Jacob "Jake" Edlund! Jake has joined the Jollity team as our new Hosting & Support Project Manager....
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What to Look for in a Web Design Agency

What should you look for when hiring a web design and development agency? Well, I could hire a copywriter to write this post,...
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How to blog on a small business budget

The best way to generate quality blog content that is useful for a potential client is to have it done in-house.
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How to schedule a meeting with a client

In your outreach email, include specific dates and times. Give them at least 3 options on at least 2 different days and no...
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Your website is like a car

It starts out shiny and new. No wear and tear. Jollity websites are like driving off the lot in a brand new custom-ordered...
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How to email clients... and get the replies you need

Get clients to read, reply, and make decisions from your emails. The secret sauce to getting clients to respond to you fast so...
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reCAPTCHA for WordPress using Gravity Forms

How to add a reCAPTCHA field to WordPress forms using Gravity Forms. reCAPTCHA is a spam filter that helps make sure only real...
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Jollity Introduces Helpdesk

I always vowed to deliver personalized, better service to clients than what I saw in our industry. We differentiate through personalized, marketing-savvy, smart...
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How to setup FTP in CPANEL

Here are step-by-step instructions for how to setup FTP access to your website through the CPANEL hosting interface, and security tips.
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How to use Google Maps on your WordPress website

a summary of the Google Maps API update, how it's affecting your small business WordPress website, and what you (we) can do to...
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Lawton Digital is now Jollity!

Lawton Digital is now Jollity! Why? Do you really want to listen to a long explanation as to why we changed our brand?...
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Hosting Traffic Reports

Jollity hosting's business plan and beast plan include a monthly traffic report giving you lots of helpful information about your website visitors...
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Add free Email Alias to Google Apps

An email alias is an email address at your website domain that can both send and receive email through your existing Google Apps...
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Verify Google Analytics is Tracking on your Website

How to check that your Google or Universal Analytics is tracking website visitors correctly on your website. Works on Wordpress websites and others...
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