Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our hosting services
What happens if my site goes down?
We monitor your site 24/7. If it goes down, our team jumps on it as soon as we see it. We are a small team, so we may not see it at 3am, but we’re usually pretty quick.
What makes Jollity hosting different from other hosting companies?
Our hosting program is designed for busy small businesses who don’t have their own WordPress website hosting server experts in-house (so pretty much all small businesses). We take care of everything related to WordPress software and hosting so that you can focus on growing your business.
What is the turnaround time on hosting or support requests?
We usually get back to you within 2 business hours of reaching out. Most requests can be handled in 48 hours. When we talk with you about your request, we always let you know when to expect the request to be done or the question answered.
Can I log into my site and make changes while on your managed hosting plan?
YES, of course! With Jollity YOU own your website and should always always always have full access to it. We see how other companies trap you in a hosting plan where you can’t get to your own site (and conveniently have to pay them instead) and we take the exact opposite approach: it’s your website, you can do what you want with it.
If something breaks my site during an update, do you fix it as part of the hosting plan?
Oh boy, this is tricky! Remember how in the last question, we shared how we believe you should always have full access and control of your website? Well, that means we don’t get to control the plugins you choose to install. 90% of all WordPress website issues are related to plugin conflicts! We could either not let you install plugins (which wouldn’t make you happy, in most cases) or charge you 10x more (which also wouldn’t make you happy), then we could cover these issues as they come up free of charge. Instead, we decided that you should only have to pay if there is a problem.

By the way, we include plugin management recommendations on your website dashboard. We are happy to help you choose the best plugin if you reach out to us first, and will let you know proactively if we see a plugin on your website that tends to be troublesome.
Do I also need a support contract if I have hosting with you?
Although it’s not technically required, 99.9% of our website hosting clients also rely on us for hourly WordPress website support. Our small business website support program has no monthly minimum nor retainer requirement -- it’s pay as you go. Therefore, there’s almost no reason not to. We’re pretty awesome to work with, though, and recommend giving us a try! We intend to provide you with well thought-out, fast, expert support, but you can always stop reaching out if you’re not a fan.
Can I get a discount if I pay multiple years upfront?
Yes, we offer discounts to pre-pay for multiple years. You’ll see the options on your SOW if you ask for them.
Do you have a list of plugins that are not allowed on your hosting plan?
We have a list of plugins that we strongly, strongly discourage. At this time, we have 100% compliance with our clients -- they usually don’t install plugins we advise against. We have good reasons.
What happens if my site gets hacked?
Remember the question about what happens if there is an issue during an update? This answer is similar, except an even higher percent of security-specific WordPress issues trace back to a 3rd party plugin. In case you haven’t noticed, plugins need to be handled carefully! Over 90% of all security issues (honestly, pretty much ALL security issues when it comes to our hosting, because our servers are super secure) are due to either:
  • A plugin issue -- usually it’s outdated (we keep them updated, but if it's abandoned by its developer then updates stop running) or just a crappy plugin.
  • A user with a password like “mycompany123”. Even small businesses can and WILL be targets.
If you leave your door unlocked, your house is much more likely to get robbed. Using a crappy password or plugin is like leaving your window wide open or your door unlocked.
What type of hack protection do you offer?
A LOT! We are constantly monitoring for security vulnerabilities in commonly used plugins. We also do our best to require you to use secure passwords. There is a long list of other security-related techy things we do to make sure your website is on lockdown. If your website were a house, then with our WordPress hosting plan you live in a fancy gated community with a security guard. Your house has a state-of-the-art alarm system.

Note that like any fancy alarm system, once in a while there are false alarms! It happens, and it’s far better than not having the alarm system at all.
Will your hosting improve my PSI score? (or load time, or Google ranking, etc)
In most cases, yes. With us, you get your own Digital Ocean droplet, which is your own virtual server instance. Most clients come to us from a cheap shared hosting provider where their site was shoved on a shared server. Have you ever tried to access WiFi from the airport or a coffee shop? Or even a high-rise hotel with shared Internet? Pretty slow connection when it's crowded, right? That’s what happens with cheap shared hosting. When you upgrade to Jollity’s WordPress hosting program, it’s like upgrading from cheap public WiFi to a private dedicated business grade Internet connection -- consistently high-performing fast speeds that you are NOT sharing with others.

Getting back to the original question: how fast your website loads and where it lives (it’s hosting server) matters to Google. So, yes, in theory, better and faster hosting could improve your rankings.

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