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Beyond100K, Designing a Website that Inspires Action

A Collaborative Effort with Waypoint Collective to End the STEM Teacher Shortage

We are proud to showcase one of our recent website development projects: Beyond100K. This is a fantastic collaboration between Jollity and Waypoint Collective, two agencies that share a passion for creating engaging and colorful designs that speak directly to their audience.

Beyond100K is made up of STEM organizations that are leaders in their fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, aiming to solve the problem of not having enough STEM teachers. They also aim to attract those who have entered other jobs fields and, as a result, are rare in the STEM fields. They have a vision of creating a world where young people can pursue and persist in STEM fields and work on our greatest challenges

From Disjointed to Dynamic: Our Website Development Journey with Beyond100K

Beyond100K had a problem: they held a number of different websites in different systems by different teams, built over time. The end result was a fragmented experience for the visitor. Waypoint Collective engaged Jollity to develop the start to a unified website experience that would reflect their mission and values, beginning with a microsite that fleshed out Beyond100K's mission.

We worked closely with Waypoint Collective to create a responsive, accessible, and user-friendly experience. By leveraging a fluid responsive design, we ensured visitors could learn and take action from any screen size. We also incorporated Waypoint's designs featuring vibrant colors, dynamic animations, and inspiring stories.


The website we developed for Beyond100K is more than just a showcase of their ambitions, accomplishments, and future mission. It's also a platform to connect with their partners, follow through on their commitments, and invite others to join their inspired movement.

We are honored to be part of this project and we hope you enjoy exploring it as much as we enjoyed creating it.
Check it out at www.beyond100k.org!

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