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Creating a Revitalized Nonprofit Website with an Advanced Backend Portal

Jollity Delivers a Cooperative-Vibrant Website for CNDC.org, Showcasing a Custom Secure Client and Board Backend

Jollity is thrilled to announce the successful completion of a brand new website for CNDC (Colorado Nonprofit Development Center), a non-profit organization streamlining the 501C3 process for other Colorado-based non-profits through fiscal sponsorship (and much more). Jollity was brought in as the development team by Waypoint Collective, a strategic and creative branding organization.

CNDC needed a website that better supported their internal team as well as providing searchable, digital resources with a user-friendly interface for their project partners and board.

Waypoint Collective provided a beautifully organized website design as part of a larger branding solution (see Waypoint’s case study for more details). Jollity brought the design to life via the development process, creating a user-friendly back-end, a searchable database, a login gate with varying permission levels, and a responsive, modern interface. We worked hand-in-hand with both Waypoint and CNDC throughout the project.

Custom Website Portals

The client needed to provide information accessible to a variety of stakeholders. Jollity’s deliverables included:

  • A customized user login interface with a searchable database of various types of content - file attachments, hyperlinks, and more.
  • A user-friendly back-end where the team can easily add, update, and remove content themselves from both portals.
  • Tracking for downloaded content to allow the client to see which content resources are and are not being used by their stakeholders.
  • A training guidebook built specifically for their website, with screencast tutorials and walkthroughs showing them how to update the info in the portals (as well as the rest of the site).

Jollity implemented CNDC’s feedback in real-time, providing a seamless deliverable experience, which resulted in CNDC being thrilled with the intuitive functionality of the new portals. This project was the first where our developers collaborated with the client in real-time using Markup.io, driving everything toward a smooth and insightful project wrap.

The Launch of a Revitalized Brand and Sophisticated Website
that Empowers Nonprofit Growth and Community Impact

Colorado Nonprofit Development Centers (CNDC) embarked on a comprehensive brand refresh, collaborating with Waypoint Collective to create a new website that accurately represents their identity as an influential nonprofit supporting the growth of other similar organizations. Jollity was entrusted with the development of this beautifully designed website, which included custom-developed portals for secure access to protected content. These portals, managed through a user-friendly WordPress backend, allow CNDC to efficiently administer board member access and support their vision of fostering thriving, compassionate communities for all Coloradans. CNDC and Waypoint Collective are delighted with the outcome, particularly the sophisticated Partner and Board Portals that will further empower CNDC's mission!

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