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SDB is different. They approach designing and building residential townhomes and developments in Denver better than everyone else. With a relentless focus on keeping all sides of their projects happy — investors, developers, and home buyers, this company is growing fast. It was time to up their game with a killer online presence that represents their brand as flawlessly as their work does. After months working with a brand agency delivered a modern logo with a fitting color scheme, we took over. We built a responsive, fast website with customized lead fill forms for each type of audience – one for investors, one for potential home buyers, and one for interested developers. We automated their investor email newsletter by setting it up through MailChimp and hooking it directly into their website’s blog. Now their admin sends the email newsletter from one place, and it renders beautifully both on their website and automatically triggers an email to their subscriber base, all automatically.

Like any successful company in their industry, SDB is busy. Very. Busy. That’s why we provided quick, short tutorial videos custom made specifically for their website to show them how to make updates, send their newsletter, create new portfolio examples, and more. They can do it themselves without spending hours trying to learn how. And if they just don’t have time, they can come back to us and we’ll help them out.

Branded Email Template

A matching MailChimp branded email marketing template is ready for the team to use to send automated or one-off newsletters to subscribed investors.

Intuitive Photo Gallery

Selling a home is all about a listing’s visual appeal. After spending big bucks for expensive photography or renderings, it’s important that the property photos are large and easy for a potential buyer to browse through. Great photos sell houses, so we made sure to nail it.

Turning Web Traffic into
Home Buyers

Why make visitors click over to a contact page just to email or call you? We don’t. Every important page has a customized contact form designed for the visitors on that specific page’s content. The contact forms are easy to use from a smartphone.

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Website to Sell New Townhome Developments

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of consumer research starts online.
Your website is your most visible asset. It generates the greatest ROI.
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