Joomla to WordPress Migration

This small business education and leadership institution relies heavily on their website to support marketing and sales, to communicate with existing members and potential program participants, and to support current program members and alumni. Due to their reliance on a fast, high-performance website to meet both sales and business operations needs, it is vital the internal team can easily make changes. In it’s current CMS, Drupal, it is expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient to make any revision. The current CMS also limits their future scalability and current update requests.

In order to make current changes, provide future scalability, and to cut down ongoing costs for small revisions, we migrated the website from Joomla to WordPress. WordPress removes both current and future limitations, pays for itself through decreased maintenance and small revision costs, and includes the capabilities to add future features such as content available exclusively for members, among others. Aside from all other benefits, migrating to WordPress sets them up for future success through easier management. While we maintained the design, we added in a few bonus design features that they did not have before.

Paper to Online Forms

Before, they were using paper applications. We brought their application form online, where it can be filled out from a smartphone, tablet, or mobile device. Applicants can save their applications and return later. When an application is submitted, our client gets an email notification and the applicant data is automatically added to a secure spreadsheet.

A modern design with an elegant color scheme.

Dynamic, Auto-Updating  Article Feed

User-Friendly Contact Forms

The new contact forms are easy for a visitor to fill out from a mobile, tablet, or desktop. Every time a visitor submits a form, this website client gets an email with all of the information and an easy one-click way to reply.

Each form is backed up via a database, just in case. To top it off, their forms are configured to automatically populate to a shared Google Spreadsheet for them to easily track responses.

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