Land Surveying Company Website Design & Development

The old land surveying website was “stuck” on the Yahoo domain and hosting platform, and was dated in appearance.

Bailey’s radon business largely referral-based, therefore, his website should be simple and direct. However, it needs to look professional in order to verify his reputation and level of experience when a potential new referral client checks him out online prior to contacting him.

This website project focused on:
Finding the most economical way to maintain a modern, simple website.
Migrated the site to Jollity hosting (removing it from Yahoo).
Added a portfolio using resources from the company’s extensive experience.
Reviewed and provided content update suggestions where needed.

contractor website smartphone ready
contractor land surveying desktop new website
land surveying company website tablet view

Showing Off Years of Experience

Building a visual portfolio for a land surveying company was a challenge that we were ready to meet!

The portfolio showcases the land surveying company’s depth of experience via a few key examples of their work.

Mobile-Focused Website

Land surveying clients are often on job sites, on the go. They use their smartphones far more than computers, because they rarely sit behind a desk.

Therefore, they are most likely to be looking for a land surveying on their phones. The new website makes it easy to find this land surveying company’s name, email, contact form, and phone number.

The phone number and email address can be tapped for 1-click calling and easily starting an email to the company. The website makes it EASY for Bailey’s leads to get in touch.

mobile high-converting home page
land surveying company well laid out home page design

Hits all the Marks

The home page accomplishes a lot in a small amount of space:

  • Succinctly states who they are.
  • Provides contact info and a lead-focused call-to-action
  • Lists exactly what they do
  • Verifies their credibility with a testimonial

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