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Steller Real Estate Group is a boutique real estate agency with a fun, lively team. They needed a website that reflects their vibrant, down-to-earth personality. The website should not look like everyone else’s, just like their company is not like everyone else’s agency. The new website solution needs to provide a modern, sleek, and fast experience for potential leads browsing the web for a new home.

The new site brings a completely different real estate listings search experience that makes it easy and fun to search for a new home.

The site is built in WordPress and built in such a way that the Steller team will be able to make content updates, publish new blog posts and events, and make basic content changes without knowing code.

The site will include an IDX integration solution that includes the ability to capture new leads, sign them up for ongoing real estate search emails, and more.


Simple, Clear home page landing experience

Steller wanted a very specific vision exemplified on the home page. They wanted their personalized, stress-free service to shine through as soon as you hit the site.

We also made it easy to book an appointment or search available listings.

Instantly Updated Real Estate Listings Search

With an interactive map view, Steller’s potential leads can search for their dream home right on the website. They can create an account, save homes as favorites, and sign up for automated email updates all through the website. This is the perfect way to keep potential leads engaged with your site over time.

User-Focused Contact Form

Steller puts the client’s preferences from the first interaction by finding out how they’d prefer to be contacted.

Steller is incredibly client-focused, and an excellent real estate agency in Littleton, CO!

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