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October 29, 2021

You have just signed on with Jollity to build your brand new custom website. Now what?

Well you don’t need to worry about that, after all, isn’t that why you hired us? No, no but seriously, what happens now? You’ll get assigned a project manager. Your project manager will be your main point of contact, you will ask them all your questions and they will make sure that your project gets completed on time, while communicating with you every step of the way.


We customize every project to each of our clients needs, meaning, every project is going to be different. But nonetheless, all projects start with onboarding. This is the phase of the project that is a lot of behind the scenes stuff, so basically the not so fun part (well it’s fun for us because we’re nerds). This is part of the project so we can make sure that you are properly entered into our systems. This typically takes less than a week and then we move onto more exciting things, like a kick-off call. On the kick-off call we walk you through the next phase which is the Planning Phase.


During the Planning Phase, we will gather all the information about your business that we need in order to build your brand new website to your specifications. We will gather things like a sitemap, brand guidelines, company logo, images, and content. We want to make sure we are building your website exactly how you envision it, so we will ask you to send us a couple of websites you like so we can gauge your design style. Next, we will move to the Design Phase, where Jollity will work with you to finalize content and design direction.


It’s time for the Design Phase, aka where the magic happens! Jollity will custom design your website pages and then let you review it, to make any changes that you see fit. First, we design your home page. By doing your home page first, we get a solid idea of your design preferences. That way, all future page designs usually go much more quickly because we know what you like and don’t like. By then we’ve also agreed on the styles that will be replicated on all future designs (types of curves, font sizes, color use, etc…).

Development Phases

Your website is looking great but now we need to build it, which brings us to the Build Phase: Core Development and Build Phase: Development Cont’d. There is a lot to do, like building an entire website, so it’s split into two phases. We start by setting up the site’s master styles (takes a while, you see no progress, so ya know, twiddling thumbs) then we build the home page. After the home page is built, future pages go through dev much faster.

Quality Control

First, we make the site responsive – this is where we perfect mobile and tablet views. Then we do our first quality control review internally. Then you will have one final chance to review and request changes to the entire website.


Alright, so your website has been designed, built, and checked for quality, it’s time to launch it right? Not so fast, Jollity prides itself on our website testing and performance, and we have a process that we have perfected and that honestly we continue to improve. Before any website is launched, Jollity takes 1 week to do back-end website testing and additional cross browsing testing to ensure that your website will be running smoothly.


So now what, more testing? Nope, now we launch!!! Yay, congrats on the new website. Did I just hear you say that you want to change something on your website? Jollity can help you there as well, we provide hourly WordPress development and tech support. We are here when you need us. Pay for the hours you need, when you need them. Learn more about our fast, reliable WordPress web design and development hourly support.

Paige Foster Website Project Manager

Small business WordPress project manager who has put live over 300 websites.
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