How Our WordPress Hosting got 10x Better in 2020

June 25, 2020

Hosting has changed... and so did we! In January of 2020, we launched our brand new hosting program. We vow to provide the best small business hosting service out there for WordPress websites. We aim for a solution that lets you focus on your business, knowing we have your website covered. Since we first launched hosting 10 years ago, the requirements of a solid WordPress managed hosting provider have dramatically increased. Here are just a few examples of how we take care of our hosting client website that you may not be aware of:

The same website you may have had for years is more complicated to keep running well, securely, and quickly today. Security, speed, and uptime are also vital for SEO.

  • SSL (https) security on ALL hosting plans. SSL is like a home security alarm for your website, where we do the initial security alarm "wiring", annual renewal, and keep up with any changes to SSL technology. SSL via Let's Encrypt is included on all of our hosting packages.
  • Website email notification send/receive has become increasingly complex due to new security protocols (put in place for good reason). Did you know that you can't even send an email with a link to a non-secured website anymore? On our business hosting plan and above, we make sure your website email notifications get through.
  • Our server is fast and strong. Think of the server quality like your home's electrical. If you have a new home with a 200-amp breaker and new wiring, you know your electrical can keep up. If you're in an old home with a 100-amp breaker and 50-year-old wiring, chances are you blow a fuse every time you use the microwave or turn on a hair dryer. Our hosting server is better than 200 amp, and the wiring is brand spankin' new. Everything is faster.

Consumers demand that websites look great on all devices of all different screen sizes that are upgraded increasingly often, and consumers want it faster than ever before. And if they don't get it, they bail and visit a competitor's website in 3 seconds flat.

  • Your site stays updated. Like a car, your website needs to stay updated. A car needs its gas tank filled, oil changed, and transmission and windshield washer fluid refilled. In the world of websites, updates to plugins, themes, and WordPress are happening at an alarming pace, both to keep up with security needs and to stay ahead of changing coding standards. We update WordPress, themes, and plugins weekly. Cheap hosting plans don't do updates at all. Some of our direct hosting competitors only run updates once every 3-6 months. Security is vital for keeping your site visible in Google search. We handle all of your site's code base updates, every week.
  • Monthly website reports keep you in-the-know. We send you regular reports about what we've been up to on your website, so you always know how hard we are working to keep your website running great for you and your customers.
  • So much more! But look how long this is getting! We'll keep sharing new features with you, or you can see them all on our updated small business WordPress hosting page.

We're always improving

Taking better care of our client's websites is a job that is NEVER done. Our new hosting program, launched in January 2020, represented a giant leap forward in providing a "set it and forget it" hosting service for our clients. But we're going to keep making it better. If you have suggestions for how to improve our services, let us know! Current clients, email us your thoughts and suggestions anytime.

How to get in touch

Have a problem or a question? Chat with us via the chat window in the bottom right corner. Start a support ticket with a quick, short ticket email form, or email us at [email protected].

Lauren L Perfors CEO & Co-Founder

Energetic and passionate small business expert who helps businesses overcome pressing digital challenges through innovative website solutions that are scaled, precise, and custom designed.
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