Unlocking the Value of Web Accessibility: Why Investing Now Saves You Later

May 1, 2024

Wondering if making your website accessible is worth the coin? Turns out, it’s more expensive NOT to do it. Your website is your digital storefront, and every barrier could be costing you big time — not just in dollars but in reputation and reach. At Jollity, we go beyond basic fixes and dive deep into the design and development phases to bake accessibility right into your site’s DNA. Why? Because being proactive about accessibility isn’t just good karma, it’s smart business. Dodge hefty fines, tap into a wider audience, and stay ahead of the curve. Let’s explore how accessibility can save you more than it costs, and why it’s a game-changer for your business.


There are 3 main reasons.

  1. The government says so, and if you don’t listen, you put your organization at risk. In 2022 alone, 3,255 website accessibility lawsuits were filed in federal court (representing around 3% of demand letters sent). The average settlement is between $5k - $20k, and fines go up to $150k. Accessibility website audits conducted on a site after it goes live range from $2,500 - $10k.
  2. It’s the right thing to do to take care of our fellow members of society and to support an inclusive community.
  3. It makes you money. 20% of the world’s population has some sort of disability. Do you want to alienate 20% of your prospects? Yes, I know, not all of them are in your target audience. But how many people in your target audience are red/green color blind? How many of them have severe arthritis or carpal tunnel and don’t use a mouse? Disability is a spectrum, and it impacts more of your website visitors than you might think.


Jollity takes a 2-pronged approach to ADA Compliance. First, we incorporate accessibility best practices in design and development when we build your website. Then, we add the AccessiBe widget to ensure that all bases are covered.

Step 1: Design & Development for New Websites

  1. Design — We meet color contrast ratio requirements for those with color blindness. To be honest, these requirements help everyone. How often do you run into a website where the text is illegible because of some overly complicated and ill-placed background graphic? Not with Jollity. We address other elements in design, too (button and text size and button proximity, etc…), but let’s not make this blog post 8 pages long. I know I have about 75 more seconds of your attention.
  2. Development — So. Many. Things. Proper heading structure is a simple example. ONE H1 per page, please. Not 5 randomly strewn throughout the page as you often see in pre-built WordPress templates (if you use those, knock that off too). As a worthy sidebar, this is one of many reasons not to use a WordPress template — it’s like buying a shiny car with a crappy engine. Open the hood, people! Other examples during the dev process include the capability to navigate the website via keyboard or using a screen reader. Our developers also incorporate alt text and titles to elements like images, videos, and links, which benefit both accessibility and SEO requirements.

Now that I have given all of the above commitments and promises, I must include the obligatory disclaimer: ADA compliance standards are forming and changing via both state legislation (at least in Colorado) and lawsuits. The rules are changing literally daily. Jollity does our very best to not only keep up, but to predict and stay ahead. That being said, the industry could change after your website launches, which brings me to the final step…. An accessibility widget.

Step 2: Website Accessibility Widget (For New & Existing Sites)

We partner with AccessiBe — one of the best in the industry for ticking all the boxes on the quickly increasing volume of standards that organizations are (somehow) required to keep up with:

  • WCAG 2.1 Compliance
  • ADA Title III Compliance
  • Section 508 Compliance
  • EAA/EN301549 Compliance
  • ACA/AODA Compliance

*List above provided by Accessibe, via their website’s AccessWidget information page. List is subject to change and is not guaranteed by Jollity.

You know what all those acronyms mean, right? Sure, sure. That’s why you raise your hands in the air, shrug, and fork over the $500+/year to let someone else keep up on all of that. But you'll pay significantly less if you’re a Jollity website management & support program client at the time of purchase, because we pass on our partnership discount to our clients instead of pocketing it.

Above: AccesiBe widget in action on

Make your website accessible because it’s the right thing to do to take one small step to a more inclusive society. Do it because it is now compulsory. Do it to avoid alienating your own prospects. Whichever reason you choose, do not be a reactive company. Do not wait for a demand letter to scare you into action. Act now to save money, broaden your target audience, and be a part of the future of websites.


I have persuaded you to make the investment that both saves and makes you money (generally how to convince for-profit companies of anything, right?) with the bonus of social good; everybody wins. Now what?

Current Clients — If you are on a website management retainer with Jollity, we are already working with you to make your website more accessible. Staying ahead of the curve on this type of initiative is one of many reasons why you have stuck with Jollity for years; thank you for your continued trust in us.

New ClientsTalk to the Jollity team about adding accessibility to your website now.

Lauren L Perfors President

Small business WordPress web developer with over 10 years digital marketing experience, specializing in SEO.
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